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Crime in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is synonymous with lavish estates and elegant homes. The city is also home to some of the finest beaches in the nation – and a wide assortment of nautical and aquatic activities. As a haven for tourists and guests, Palm Beach also features several golf courses, fine restaurants, and a myriad of lively and recreational activities. Like any other major city in the country, however, Palm Beach is not exempt from home burglaries and car jackings. In fact, crime in the area has steadily increased over the last year – with home invasions and car burglaries topping many local lists. While local law enforcement personnel continue to do their best, there are ways you can ensure optimal security for your family and property.

Locksmith Services in Florida- Residential

Palm Beach Locksmith Services

Palm Beach Locksmiths have years of extensive industry experience. From automotive to residential and commercial locks –they have the tools and expertise to ensure maximum security for your homes, businesses, and cars. With a Palm Beach locksmith, you get expert and affordable services from start to finish. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to secure a complimentary consultation and quote. Whether you want to refortify your home with new security locks or analyze your current defense – you can rely on Palm Beach locksmiths to get the job done right. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Complete security locks and system assessment of homes, cars, and businesses.
  • Installation and maintenances of new locks for residential and commercial properties.
  • Key duplication services for homes, offices, and businesses.
  • Removing outdated automotive locks – replacing them with digitally advanced locks – keyless entry systems – garage security and locks – remote control access – wireless entry systems.
  • Checking alarm systems and CCTV – ensuring all gates, access doors, and other entries and exits are safe and secure.
  •  Free quotes, networking with home insurance to ensure optimal coverage for homeowners that need upgrades.
  • 24/7 emergency lockout services for homes, businesses, and cars constant communications with local dispatchers and law enforcement for customers that are stranded on highways and roads.
  • Professional locksmith services across the board, new locks, old lock removal, safe openings, digital safe programming and so much more.

Quality and Experience Counts

Palm Beach Locksmiths are committed to excellence in all services. They also offer special discounts for recurring clients, and feature all the latest security locks and components for your property. With true experience and quality results, you can rely on area locksmiths to meet all your needs within time and budget. For more information, simply contact us today and get the timely and professional services you deserve. Also, check out our social media page for the latest locksmith industry news and updates.

Learn how a traditional lock works.

Home Security: For Peace Of Mind

It is important that home security and family members’ safety is maintained.  The number of burglary crimes has been on the rise and as such, there is the need of having a reliable security system. It becomes a way of ensuring a safe environment for happy family life.

The complexity of weapons being used by criminals nowadays has surpassed the need of having only locks and keys as the only measures to a secure home.  This calls the need for all home owners to some up with a good security system. The components of a good system include alarms, surveillance cameras, sensors as well as detectors. The sensors will help in detecting any motion within the home and will also recognize any threats resulting from potential outbreaks of fire, poisonous gas or smoke that may be harmful to human health.   Other devices that can be incorporated are driveway sensors, and advanced lock systems.

Combining security measures of both technology and living beings is an excellent idea.  Having a dog as a guard of your home is also a good idea.  Dogs are known to be faithful and will always alert you whenever there is an intruder in your home.  However, make sure that you choose the right breed.

Electronic Lock Systems Palm Beach Locksmiths

Other practices to ensure maximum security within your home include:

1. When going for a vacation, ensure your home appears to be in a live in condition. You can ask your neighbors or a friend to move in while you are a way.

2. Ensure that the shrubs and trees surrounding your home are neatly trimmed. These can be hideouts for thieves.

3. Ensure that you keep the ladders from the walls. Any proximity to the wall makes it easier for the criminals to get into your compound.

4. Ensure that you leave a light on at night either on the balcony or driveway. This gives the criminal an expression that there is someone present.

Benefits of Home Security

Peace of mind: The presence of security system in one’s home ensures that all family members remain comfortable and happy.  There will be no cases of sleepless nights and generally the family remains healthy. Palm Beach Florida is a great place for a family to live or vacation in. Learn more about Palm Beach here.

Continuous monitoring: Most of the systems have a 24/7 surveillance and monitoring. This ensures that the family is always protected.

Insurance premiums: Several companies provide discount on the home insurance depending on the security systems installed.

A home alarm system allows selling of your house at higher value. It also helps you in maintaining your home security during the selling process as many strangers will be entering the home.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Locks?

When looking for a lock for your house, your search may be overwhelming. This is because there are very many types. Up to two thousand different kinds. Your security purpose will determine the kind of lock for your residence. Having all these many different kinds, They can be categorized into four broad categories: levers, deadbolts, padlocks and knob locks. Padlocks come in various types according to size and shape.
The two main categories are keyed and combination. In keyed padlocks, we have rekeyable and non-rekeyable. Rekeyable can be opened using any other key while non-rekeyable you cannot change the key that opens that lock. We also have key-retaining and non-key-retaining. A key-retaining padlock will not allow the key to being removed while it is open. Keyable padlocks are considered to be safer than non-keyable because one has only to combine a set of numbers to open them. Deadbolts are the other type of lock. They are installed on external doors. They come in three varieties: double, single and lockable thumb turn.
Single deadbolts use a key cylinder on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside to lock and open. It is the one that is the most common. One major disadvantage about it is that once an intruder has access through say an open window one can open the door on the inside. It is therefore used in minor rooms such as bathrooms.Standard Residential Lock
A double cylinder deadbolt, on the other hand, uses a key cylinder on the inside and the outside. Its disadvantage is that one always requires a key to open. This is dangerous in the event of an emergency such as a fire. A blend of both is the lockable thumb turn.
Knob locks are the other type of door locks. They can be used in garage doors, bedroom doors or front doors. They have knobs on both sides. One side having a key hole to unlock the door and the other a lock. It is not considered to be safe since it can be simply broken by a wrench, a rock or a hammer. It is therefore not advised to be placed on the front door. Lever handle locks are the last category. They are more stylish than any other locks and easily accessible to the handicap population, they are common in public buildings. They don’t require keys.
These locks may sometimes get stuck or broken. If such an incidence occurs, a skilled locksmith should be hired to fix the lock. Otherwise, things may just get worse and fatal if an accident occurs.