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Crime in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is synonymous with lavish estates and elegant homes. The city is also home to some of the finest beaches in the nation – and a wide assortment of nautical and aquatic activities. As a haven for tourists and guests, Palm Beach also features several golf courses, fine restaurants, and a myriad of lively and recreational activities. Like any other major city in the country, however, Palm Beach is not exempt from home burglaries and car jackings. In fact, crime in the area has steadily increased over the last year – with home invasions and car burglaries topping many local lists. While local law enforcement personnel continue to do their best, there are ways you can ensure optimal security for your family and property.

Locksmith Services in Florida- Residential

Palm Beach Locksmith Services

Palm Beach Locksmiths have years of extensive industry experience. From automotive to residential and commercial locks –they have the tools and expertise to ensure maximum security for your homes, businesses, and cars. With a Palm Beach locksmith, you get expert and affordable services from start to finish. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to secure a complimentary consultation and quote. Whether you want to refortify your home with new security locks or analyze your current defense – you can rely on Palm Beach locksmiths to get the job done right. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Complete security locks and system assessment of homes, cars, and businesses.
  • Installation and maintenances of new locks for residential and commercial properties.
  • Key duplication services for homes, offices, and businesses.
  • Removing outdated automotive locks – replacing them with digitally advanced locks – keyless entry systems – garage security and locks – remote control access – wireless entry systems.
  • Checking alarm systems and CCTV – ensuring all gates, access doors, and other entries and exits are safe and secure.
  •  Free quotes, networking with home insurance to ensure optimal coverage for homeowners that need upgrades.
  • 24/7 emergency lockout services for homes, businesses, and cars constant communications with local dispatchers and law enforcement for customers that are stranded on highways and roads.
  • Professional locksmith services across the board, new locks, old lock removal, safe openings, digital safe programming and so much more.

Quality and Experience Counts

Palm Beach Locksmiths are committed to excellence in all services. They also offer special discounts for recurring clients, and feature all the latest security locks and components for your property. With true experience and quality results, you can rely on area locksmiths to meet all your needs within time and budget. For more information, simply contact us today and get the timely and professional services you deserve. Also, check out our social media page for the latest locksmith industry news and updates.

Learn how a traditional lock works.

Wonderful Palm Beach, Florida

Living in Palm Beach Florida is quite an experience.  The island is endowed with magnificent features and structures that make it a good place to live in. It offers a serene environment to live in, has a tropical kind of weather. Additionally, the town is accessible across the intercostal waterways by bridges.   The environment here offers you with a chance to engage in different activities at any time of the year.

locksmiths in Palm Beach Florida

What Makes Palm Beach Outstanding

Summers cannot be better appreciated than when spent at Palm Beach. With a number of beach hotels offering affordable room rates there is nothing to stop you from enjoying yourself.  It does not matter if you are a lover of nature, or an enthusiast of outdoor sport, a beach roller or a boater, you will find much fun here.

Palm Beach offers you with more than 85 beaches and parks to choose from. Most of them have boat ramps, playgrounds, and bike and walk paths.  If you are a lover of the zoo life, there are a number of summer programs offered by the Palm Beach zoo and lion country safari.  There are also a number of other centers that you can watch wildlife from.

The golfers and spectators of golf are taken care of too. There are the Honda Classic golf tournaments, Palm Beach par-3 golf course, and the West Palm Beach municipal golf course. Professional Locksmiths are always on-hand to help out if you happen to lock yourself out of the car.

Outdoor activities are plentiful here.  The beach allows you get the best of nature. Reef diving, airboat riding, deep sea fishing, or a lion country safari are some of the activities that you can carry out here.  There is a freshwater lake; Lake Okeechobee, which is the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the nation. A boat ride on the lake will allow you take pictures of all sorts, and it will be sheer fun. You can also ski or even fish.

You can do pretty much  anything while living in Palm Beach. Its proximity to the waters makes it more fascinating. Life here is simple and locksmith in Palm Beach Florida here are friendly and are ready to offer you with any assistance that you need. Whether you want to visit or live in Palm Beach, you will surely enjoy the stay there. With a number of museums and sightseeing sites and lots of wildlife to watch, makes it a perfect summer destination for you and your family.  Those wishing to settle here have the opportunity to contact any agents that will assist them in acquiring affordable houses.  Life is a bit expensive here but that is nothing as compared to the beauty associated with it.

Locks Of The Future

There have been crucial developmental milestones in the history of lock and keys. It is clear that we are moving to electronic locks as opposed to the mechanical locks. This historic shift is clearly outlined in the progress from the wooden pin, invented in Mesopotamia, to the beginning of modern locksmithing at the end of the 18th century.  Do you reside in West Palm Beach, Florida? Find Locksmith Locations.
Initially, at the beginning of modern locksmithing, the double-acting lever tumbler was a lock with unique features and far more secure than the previous types. In this type, two to four levers were to be lifted to different levels to unlock. However, this kind of lock did not last long before it was found to be not so secure. This led to the invention of a high-security lock by Joseph Bramah in 1784 which is still in use in some parts of London up-to date.
Bramah’s invention did not deter others from making inventions. This represented a time when Britain had dominated the locksmithing industry. Americans also came up with Yale lock which was quite interesting because of its simplicity and the security it guaranteed.
In subsequent years, locks were made as improvements of the Yale lock. Another important milestone in the locksmithing industry was the invention of a door lock that could also switch the lights on or off by Walter Schlage.
Modern LocksThere came an idea of coming up with a lock that could only open to a specific person at a specific time. The first electronic lock was invented in 1975 by Sornes. Recently, electronic keys have used varied methods of authentication from the use of passwords to biometric data such as fingerprints.  Major developments have seen one even able to open doors using one’s face.  The aim of these technological improvements is to see that a physical key does not necessarily unlock the locks. The key-less future is the ultimate goal for lock producers such as Schlage and Yale.
Locks that are able to open by your voice or even swiping with your smartphone seem to be the aim of the two companies. This is featured in Shlage’s Sense lock and also Yale’s Linus lock. Linus key involves no physical key representing a major improvement. Ask Palm Beach Locksmith any questions about upgrading your home or residential locks.
Connecting your lock to the internet raises another alarm and hackers might use that opportunity to monitor activities in the house making your house susceptible to security threat.
Improvements have been made in the locks that we use in our day to day lives, but people yearn for a lock that will assure them of maximum security and will surely support it when it comes up.

Tips for At Home Locksmithing

Quite a number of lock problems can be solved at home without even consulting a locksmith. Failure of the lock mechanism is usually the cause. This may result from the lock being dirty or being very dry warranting lubrication. Graphite is often preferred to lubricate locks. There are various problems that are related to locks. These problems lead to malfunctioning of the lock system and hence few steps if followed properly, can save you the cost of calling a locksmith. Continue reading for tips and tricks or contact professional locksmiths.
 Palm Beach Locksmith
The door lock is slow
Often locks in the exterior can get frozen while locks inside the house are prone to becoming dirty, and some of its part may rust and break. In such instances, lubrication with graphite might save you the cost of buying another lock. Insert some graphite into the keyhole by covering the key with it then operating the lock to allow the graphite to interact with the internal parts of the lock. If this fails to solve the problem, resolve to disassemble the lock to see if there is something wrong with the internal parts of the lock.
Failure of key to unlock the lock
If the right key is employed but fails to unlock the lock, then several considerations have to be made. In case, the key turns but the lock does not unlock, then disassemble it and replace any parts that are broken or worn out.
Frozen locks can cause the key not to enter the lock. In such cases heat the key and try to insert the key into the lock. Repeat this several times until it the ice melts.
A new key can also fail to unlock the lock. This can be as a result of rough spots on the key. Spot these rough areas and file them down.
Entire lock turns
If the entire lock turns when the key is inserted, you should open the lock and remove the cover, then tighten the set screws of the cylinder to unlock it.
Key Stuck in Lock
Key broke while in the lock
Try to use pliers to get the key out. If this fails, get a coping saw blade while its teeth face outwards try to hook the key and pull it out. If this again bears no fruits then remove the cylinder and take it to a locksmith.
However, if all these steps fail to work, then it is advisable to call a locksmith in Palm Beach Florida to avoid further irreconcilable damage to a broken lock.