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The History of Locksmiths

It is believed that locksmithing started around 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt and Babylon. At the time locks were not as complex as they are now. They were made of wood and relatively large, though they were used in similar way as modern locks are used. The large key was put into the lock and moved upwards to unlock.

The idea of lock and key spread throughout Rome, ancient Greece and even to China. In Rome, the keys were often used by the wealthy to lock their valuables and wrap the key on their fingers like a ring. Oftentimes this symbolized status. Click automotive locks to learn how locksmiths can help with your car.

Later in 870-900 AD the first metal locks began to appear. These happened courtesy of English craftsmen. Locks made of brass became widespread over Europe and even to China. There was a rise in achievements made by locksmiths in the 14th to the 16th centuries. Locks were made with best designs for the nobility.Medieval lock

Advancements in metal industry led to production of more secure and durable locks and keys by locksmiths. Initially, advancements were only centered on the artistic nature but little effort was made to improve the lock mechanism.

The industrial age greatly revolutionized the locksmithing profession. Sophistication and the complexity of locks were magnified.

Robert Barron through his work on improving the lever tumbler lock in 1778 made it more sophisticated and secure. The lock required that the lever be lifted to a certain height, failure of which the lock will not have unlocked. This kind of lock is still used in some parts of London.

Locksmith in the pastThe Chubb detector lock was another key developmental milestone in the locksmithing profession. Jeremiah Chubb made this kind of lock which made it hard for anyone to pick it and more importantly it indicated whenever someone tampered with it.

He formed a company which came up with a lock that made it hard for anyone to see the levers and involved using six instead of four levers.

In 1784, Joseph Bramah made locks that employed round keys. The metal slides in the lock had to be displaced to a certain position for the lock to open. At the time it was hard to pick such locks. The double-acting pin tumbler lock was another important achievement. Similar design made by Linus Yale used numerous pins making the lock only be opened by the right key. He invented a key with serrated edge that is still in use today.

However, in the modern locks specialization has been a requisite for locksmiths though, knowledge in woodwork, metalwork among other areas is also important.

What is a Locksmith?

a locksmith on the job

A locksmith is a professional skilled tradesman who specializes in locks. Ever been locked out of your home, car, garage, or somewhere else? Well then, locksmiths are typically the ones who resolve the issue when no one else can for you.

A locksmith works with locks on the following:

  • Doors
  • Cars
  • Safes
  • Windows

They can do three things for you overall:

  • Install
  • Repair
  • Adjust

They also service the following locks:

  • Automobiles
  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties
  • Industrial establishments
  • Security devices

Locksmiths can produce and duplicates keys, change combination locks, and circumvent locks with consent. One of the most common perceptions of locksmiths is that they only pick locks when they don’t. Want to find out more locksmiths in the Palm Beach area?

Other services rendered by a professional locksmith include the following:

  • Cutting keys: if you need keys for your garage, basement, front door, side door, padlock, etc, a locksmith is able to cut keys of any variety.
  • Window & Door Locks: A locksmith is able to repair, fit and supply both window and door locks.
  • Security safe: they’re able to open security safes, install them and move vaults as well.
  • Auto locksmith: They’re able to give you a new key to your vehicle, fix key fobs, program transponders & remote control keys.

There are locksmiths who work for security agencies or do security consulting. Now while it may seem like locksmiths are old school, because of technology, their jobs have shifted quite a bit. Now instead of just working with fabricated locks and keys, they’re are working with biometric locks and key card entry systems.

In order to get around, some locksmiths utilize a van to transport their tools of the trade. They tend to have many to do the job. Their tools allow them to pick locks, program electronic locks, get into locked vehicles/structures, as well as fabricate keys, assess security systems and electronic locks.

For some locksmith companies, they’re on call 24 hours for emergencies. At night time people have issues gaining access to certain things and areas. In order to fix that issue, they call on a locksmith to come through and resolve that problem.

A list of a few tools locksmiths use

1. Phillip scredrivers from small-to-large in a set
2. Plain screwdrivers small-to-large in a set
3. Robertson screwdrivers from small-to-large in a set
4. Torx drivers in a set
5. Strong hex keys.
6. Regular & needle nose vise grips
7. Pliers (regular, needle nose, bent needle,)
8. Crescent wrench 6-8″
9. 6-8 oz hammers (light & heavy duty)
10. Files in a set w/ a siwiss or grobert #2 or #4 for impressioning
11. Pencils/Markers
12. Duct & electrical tape
13. Flashlight

and more.

All in all, locksmiths definitely come handy for tasks regarding your locks. If you enjoyed this article I thank you very much for reading it. If you need locksmith services in Palm Beach, Florida contact us at Palm Beach Lock Smith. We can help you.