Crime in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is synonymous with lavish estates and elegant homes. The city is also home to some of the finest beaches in the nation – and a wide assortment of nautical and aquatic activities. As a haven for tourists and guests, Palm Beach also features several golf courses, fine restaurants, and a myriad of lively and recreational activities. Like any other major city in the country, however, Palm Beach is not exempt from home burglaries and car jackings. In fact, crime in the area has steadily increased over the last year – with home invasions and car burglaries topping many local lists. While local law enforcement personnel continue to do their best, there are ways you can ensure optimal security for your family and property.

Locksmith Services in Florida- Residential

Palm Beach Locksmith Services

Palm Beach Locksmiths have years of extensive industry experience. From automotive to residential and commercial locks –they have the tools and expertise to ensure maximum security for your homes, businesses, and cars. With a Palm Beach locksmith, you get expert and affordable services from start to finish. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to secure a complimentary consultation and quote. Whether you want to refortify your home with new security locks or analyze your current defense – you can rely on Palm Beach locksmiths to get the job done right. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Complete security locks and system assessment of homes, cars, and businesses.
  • Installation and maintenances of new locks for residential and commercial properties.
  • Key duplication services for homes, offices, and businesses.
  • Removing outdated automotive locks – replacing them with digitally advanced locks – keyless entry systems – garage security and locks – remote control access – wireless entry systems.
  • Checking alarm systems and CCTV – ensuring all gates, access doors, and other entries and exits are safe and secure.
  •  Free quotes, networking with home insurance to ensure optimal coverage for homeowners that need upgrades.
  • 24/7 emergency lockout services for homes, businesses, and cars constant communications with local dispatchers and law enforcement for customers that are stranded on highways and roads.
  • Professional locksmith services across the board, new locks, old lock removal, safe openings, digital safe programming and so much more.

Quality and Experience Counts

Palm Beach Locksmiths are committed to excellence in all services. They also offer special discounts for recurring clients, and feature all the latest security locks and components for your property. With true experience and quality results, you can rely on area locksmiths to meet all your needs within time and budget. For more information, simply contact us today and get the timely and professional services you deserve. Also, check out our social media page for the latest locksmith industry news and updates.

Learn how a traditional lock works.

How a Traditional Lock Works

We all know what a lock is – it is the item or installation that we use to make sure that our valuables are safe and sound. Locks can be found in all kinds of places – you will find them in locker rooms in schools and gyms, you will find them in the doors of most homes and businesses, every vehicle has a lock and basically, you will find locks on most things that need to be protected. As you can imagine, locks have been around for a long time – man has been stealing and gaining illegal access for centuries now. The first lock can be traced back about 6,000 years in Egypt where the first mechanical lock was created by a locksmith.

A lock is held in a sturdy casing inside of which you will find a mortise – a metal bolt that is designed to move in and out of the lock hole. This is also commonly referred to as a deadbolt. This is what moves into and out of place when a key is turned clockwise or anticlockwise allowing you to open or close the lock.
Palm Beach Florida Locksmith Services
There are many different kinds of locks and they work using different mechanisms. That said, lock manufacturers invest a lot of time using the same lock design but with different key mechanisms to make sure that locks remain safe. If you take Yale locks, for instance, they have had the same look for many years but no two lock mechanisms are alike – each lock requires a different key to operate.

One of the biggest problems with traditional locks is exactly what you need to operate them – the keys. Keys get lost, they get broken and even the slightest damage can mean that it cannot open your lock. This has kept locksmiths in money around the world. Modern technology, however, is bringing us locks that are much safer and easier to operate. You may have noticed that you are no longer issued with a key when you check into a hotel or even a motel – you are now given a keycard to get in and out of your room. This kind of modern lock eliminated the need for pesky keys – slide your keycard into your wallet as you would your credit card.

There are also keypad entry locks like those found in many places of business – only those who have the code can go into and out of certain areas. Technology has also brought us wireless locks – these were mostly found in commercial buildings but today they can be found in homes as well. All one needs to do is walk to the door and swipe their cell phone over the lock and it opens. No doubt there will be even more sophisticated lock designs in the future.

When Should You Call A Locksmith?

Palm Beach Locksmith services are designed to get you back in your homes and cars. From residential and commercial to automotive lockouts – we offer a range of timely, affordable and professional locksmith services. In this day and age, there is nothing more frustrating than locking your keys inside your car or home. No truer is this then for people who are in a rush to get to work or other appointments. With years of extensive industry experience, Palm Beach locksmiths have the tools to unlock all types of locks. This includes car doors, along with garages, basement doors, office buildings, and especially home and apartment locks.

Professional and Safe Services

Palm Beach locksmiths are committed to excellence in all services. This includes key duplication services, along with wireless and keyless entry systems. They also have the skills to unlock digital and traditional safes, along with doors of any size and security system. All it takes is a simple phone call or e-mail to secure expedited locksmith services. As always, our locksmiths stay in constant touch with dispatch and local law enforcement personnel. This is important for those that are locked out of their cars and stranded on roads or highways. The same can also be said for customers that have locked or misplaced their home and apartment keys. With true professionalism at every turn, all new and existing customers are assured:

·Complete analysis and assessment of the lockout issue – cars, homes, offices, warehouses, and businesses.

· Expert locksmith tools that pry open locks without damaging them Professional Automotive Locksmith in FL– slim jims – duplicate key services – alarm disengagement and bypass – keyless entry systems for gates and garages.

·24/7 emergency lockout services – interaction with customers every step of the way – constant contact with dispatch and local police, fire, and EMS.

· Timely arrivals – competitive rates – all home, auto, and commercial insurance coverage plans accepted.

· New lock installations – lock upgrades and updates – opening up old safes – alarm system maintenance and installs – monitoring – CCTV – digital keys – keypads – and much more.

Never Get Locked Out Again

With professional Palm Beach locksmith services, you never have to worry about getting locked out again. Whether for new or recurring clients – we treat each job with the utmost professionalism and expertise. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for all residential, commercial and automotive lockouts. From key duplication to lock installations, our services simply cannot be beat! For more information, contact us today and get the expert help and services you deserve.

Tools Of The Locksmith

Have you ever wondered what tools your Palm Beach locksmith uses to fix your locks? Every good locksmith, not just in Palm Beach but everywhere else, invests money in the proper tools because he understands that they make a big difference when it comes to the quality of work. Locksmith tools are divided into categories depending on what they are used for.

One of the most common tools a locksmith uses are key making equipment. These are used to perform an everyday task that locksmiths do. They include but are not limited to wrenches, pinning kits and pick sets. Read more about Palm Beach Locksmiths. There are special tools that are used to cut keys and these include traditional key cutting equipment, electronic for making electronic keys and the more modern biometric key makers for biometric keys. Key blanks are also necessary for any Palm Beach locksmith. They come in a variety – you will find about 6 different types that locksmiths can choose from depending on the job at hand.
Palm Beach Locksmith Professional Tools
Another common tool that is used by automotive locksmiths is the slim Jim. Although today there are many modern vehicles, there are also people who like to hang onto the old-fashioned kind which, in the event that keys are locked inside the car or lost, can be used to open the door with minimum damage to the door itself.

Have you ever broken a key in the lock? If yes, your locksmith used a broken key extractor to get it out. These come in sets depending on the kind of lock that the locksmith is repairing.

One of the less common locksmith tools is a code machine. Modern cars come with transponders for security and these are unlocked using codes that are generated using this machine. This is a kind of tool that you will find most commonly in automotive locksmiths.

Many Palm Beach residents who hire a locksmith in Palm Beach, FL do not bother to find out the quality of the tools that they use. It is very important that a locksmith invest in high quality tools – anything less than that can cause lasting damage to locks which can be very expensive in the long-run. It also matters the type of supplies (such as new locks and keys) that they install for you. If they install cheap parts you will have to replace them sooner or later. Don’t be shy about asking your locksmith about the quality of his supplies and equipment.

Home Security: For Peace Of Mind

It is important that home security and family members’ safety is maintained.  The number of burglary crimes has been on the rise and as such, there is the need of having a reliable security system. It becomes a way of ensuring a safe environment for happy family life.

The complexity of weapons being used by criminals nowadays has surpassed the need of having only locks and keys as the only measures to a secure home.  This calls the need for all home owners to some up with a good security system. The components of a good system include alarms, surveillance cameras, sensors as well as detectors. The sensors will help in detecting any motion within the home and will also recognize any threats resulting from potential outbreaks of fire, poisonous gas or smoke that may be harmful to human health.   Other devices that can be incorporated are driveway sensors, and advanced lock systems.

Combining security measures of both technology and living beings is an excellent idea.  Having a dog as a guard of your home is also a good idea.  Dogs are known to be faithful and will always alert you whenever there is an intruder in your home.  However, make sure that you choose the right breed.

Electronic Lock Systems Palm Beach Locksmiths

Other practices to ensure maximum security within your home include:

1. When going for a vacation, ensure your home appears to be in a live in condition. You can ask your neighbors or a friend to move in while you are a way.

2. Ensure that the shrubs and trees surrounding your home are neatly trimmed. These can be hideouts for thieves.

3. Ensure that you keep the ladders from the walls. Any proximity to the wall makes it easier for the criminals to get into your compound.

4. Ensure that you leave a light on at night either on the balcony or driveway. This gives the criminal an expression that there is someone present.

Benefits of Home Security

Peace of mind: The presence of security system in one’s home ensures that all family members remain comfortable and happy.  There will be no cases of sleepless nights and generally the family remains healthy. Palm Beach Florida is a great place for a family to live or vacation in. Learn more about Palm Beach here.

Continuous monitoring: Most of the systems have a 24/7 surveillance and monitoring. This ensures that the family is always protected.

Insurance premiums: Several companies provide discount on the home insurance depending on the security systems installed.

A home alarm system allows selling of your house at higher value. It also helps you in maintaining your home security during the selling process as many strangers will be entering the home.

Wonderful Palm Beach, Florida

Living in Palm Beach Florida is quite an experience.  The island is endowed with magnificent features and structures that make it a good place to live in. It offers a serene environment to live in, has a tropical kind of weather. Additionally, the town is accessible across the intercostal waterways by bridges.   The environment here offers you with a chance to engage in different activities at any time of the year.

locksmiths in Palm Beach Florida

What Makes Palm Beach Outstanding

Summers cannot be better appreciated than when spent at Palm Beach. With a number of beach hotels offering affordable room rates there is nothing to stop you from enjoying yourself.  It does not matter if you are a lover of nature, or an enthusiast of outdoor sport, a beach roller or a boater, you will find much fun here.

Palm Beach offers you with more than 85 beaches and parks to choose from. Most of them have boat ramps, playgrounds, and bike and walk paths.  If you are a lover of the zoo life, there are a number of summer programs offered by the Palm Beach zoo and lion country safari.  There are also a number of other centers that you can watch wildlife from.

The golfers and spectators of golf are taken care of too. There are the Honda Classic golf tournaments, Palm Beach par-3 golf course, and the West Palm Beach municipal golf course. Professional Locksmiths are always on-hand to help out if you happen to lock yourself out of the car.

Outdoor activities are plentiful here.  The beach allows you get the best of nature. Reef diving, airboat riding, deep sea fishing, or a lion country safari are some of the activities that you can carry out here.  There is a freshwater lake; Lake Okeechobee, which is the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the nation. A boat ride on the lake will allow you take pictures of all sorts, and it will be sheer fun. You can also ski or even fish.

You can do pretty much  anything while living in Palm Beach. Its proximity to the waters makes it more fascinating. Life here is simple and locksmith in Palm Beach Florida here are friendly and are ready to offer you with any assistance that you need. Whether you want to visit or live in Palm Beach, you will surely enjoy the stay there. With a number of museums and sightseeing sites and lots of wildlife to watch, makes it a perfect summer destination for you and your family.  Those wishing to settle here have the opportunity to contact any agents that will assist them in acquiring affordable houses.  Life is a bit expensive here but that is nothing as compared to the beauty associated with it.

The History of Locksmiths

It is believed that locksmithing started around 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt and Babylon. At the time locks were not as complex as they are now. They were made of wood and relatively large, though they were used in similar way as modern locks are used. The large key was put into the lock and moved upwards to unlock.

The idea of lock and key spread throughout Rome, ancient Greece and even to China. In Rome, the keys were often used by the wealthy to lock their valuables and wrap the key on their fingers like a ring. Oftentimes this symbolized status. Click automotive locks to learn how locksmiths can help with your car.

Later in 870-900 AD the first metal locks began to appear. These happened courtesy of English craftsmen. Locks made of brass became widespread over Europe and even to China. There was a rise in achievements made by locksmiths in the 14th to the 16th centuries. Locks were made with best designs for the nobility.Medieval lock

Advancements in metal industry led to production of more secure and durable locks and keys by locksmiths. Initially, advancements were only centered on the artistic nature but little effort was made to improve the lock mechanism.

The industrial age greatly revolutionized the locksmithing profession. Sophistication and the complexity of locks were magnified.

Robert Barron through his work on improving the lever tumbler lock in 1778 made it more sophisticated and secure. The lock required that the lever be lifted to a certain height, failure of which the lock will not have unlocked. This kind of lock is still used in some parts of London.

Locksmith in the pastThe Chubb detector lock was another key developmental milestone in the locksmithing profession. Jeremiah Chubb made this kind of lock which made it hard for anyone to pick it and more importantly it indicated whenever someone tampered with it.

He formed a company which came up with a lock that made it hard for anyone to see the levers and involved using six instead of four levers.

In 1784, Joseph Bramah made locks that employed round keys. The metal slides in the lock had to be displaced to a certain position for the lock to open. At the time it was hard to pick such locks. The double-acting pin tumbler lock was another important achievement. Similar design made by Linus Yale used numerous pins making the lock only be opened by the right key. He invented a key with serrated edge that is still in use today.

However, in the modern locks specialization has been a requisite for locksmiths though, knowledge in woodwork, metalwork among other areas is also important.

Locks Of The Future

There have been crucial developmental milestones in the history of lock and keys. It is clear that we are moving to electronic locks as opposed to the mechanical locks. This historic shift is clearly outlined in the progress from the wooden pin, invented in Mesopotamia, to the beginning of modern locksmithing at the end of the 18th century.  Do you reside in West Palm Beach, Florida? Find Locksmith Locations.
Initially, at the beginning of modern locksmithing, the double-acting lever tumbler was a lock with unique features and far more secure than the previous types. In this type, two to four levers were to be lifted to different levels to unlock. However, this kind of lock did not last long before it was found to be not so secure. This led to the invention of a high-security lock by Joseph Bramah in 1784 which is still in use in some parts of London up-to date.
Bramah’s invention did not deter others from making inventions. This represented a time when Britain had dominated the locksmithing industry. Americans also came up with Yale lock which was quite interesting because of its simplicity and the security it guaranteed.
In subsequent years, locks were made as improvements of the Yale lock. Another important milestone in the locksmithing industry was the invention of a door lock that could also switch the lights on or off by Walter Schlage.
Modern LocksThere came an idea of coming up with a lock that could only open to a specific person at a specific time. The first electronic lock was invented in 1975 by Sornes. Recently, electronic keys have used varied methods of authentication from the use of passwords to biometric data such as fingerprints.  Major developments have seen one even able to open doors using one’s face.  The aim of these technological improvements is to see that a physical key does not necessarily unlock the locks. The key-less future is the ultimate goal for lock producers such as Schlage and Yale.
Locks that are able to open by your voice or even swiping with your smartphone seem to be the aim of the two companies. This is featured in Shlage’s Sense lock and also Yale’s Linus lock. Linus key involves no physical key representing a major improvement. Ask Palm Beach Locksmith any questions about upgrading your home or residential locks.
Connecting your lock to the internet raises another alarm and hackers might use that opportunity to monitor activities in the house making your house susceptible to security threat.
Improvements have been made in the locks that we use in our day to day lives, but people yearn for a lock that will assure them of maximum security and will surely support it when it comes up.