What Are The Different Kinds Of Locks?

When looking for a lock for your house, your search may be overwhelming. This is because there are very many types. Up to two thousand different kinds. Your security purpose will determine the kind of lock for your residence. Having all these many different kinds, They can be categorized into four broad categories: levers, deadbolts, padlocks and knob locks. Padlocks come in various types according to size and shape.
The two main categories are keyed and combination. In keyed padlocks, we have rekeyable and non-rekeyable. Rekeyable can be opened using any other key while non-rekeyable you cannot change the key that opens that lock. We also have key-retaining and non-key-retaining. A key-retaining padlock will not allow the key to being removed while it is open. Keyable padlocks are considered to be safer than non-keyable because one has only to combine a set of numbers to open them. Deadbolts are the other type of lock. They are installed on external doors. They come in three varieties: double, single and lockable thumb turn.
Single deadbolts use a key cylinder on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside to lock and open. It is the one that is the most common. One major disadvantage about it is that once an intruder has access through say an open window one can open the door on the inside. It is therefore used in minor rooms such as bathrooms.Standard Residential Lock
A double cylinder deadbolt, on the other hand, uses a key cylinder on the inside and the outside. Its disadvantage is that one always requires a key to open. This is dangerous in the event of an emergency such as a fire. A blend of both is the lockable thumb turn.
Knob locks are the other type of door locks. They can be used in garage doors, bedroom doors or front doors. They have knobs on both sides. One side having a key hole to unlock the door and the other a lock. It is not considered to be safe since it can be simply broken by a wrench, a rock or a hammer. It is therefore not advised to be placed on the front door. Lever handle locks are the last category. They are more stylish than any other locks and easily accessible to the handicap population, they are common in public buildings. They don’t require keys.
These locks may sometimes get stuck or broken. If such an incidence occurs, a skilled locksmith should be hired to fix the lock. Otherwise, things may just get worse and fatal if an accident occurs.

Tips for At Home Locksmithing

Quite a number of lock problems can be solved at home without even consulting a locksmith. Failure of the lock mechanism is usually the cause. This may result from the lock being dirty or being very dry warranting lubrication. Graphite is often preferred to lubricate locks. There are various problems that are related to locks. These problems lead to malfunctioning of the lock system and hence few steps if followed properly, can save you the cost of calling a locksmith. Continue reading for tips and tricks or contact professional locksmiths.
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The door lock is slow
Often locks in the exterior can get frozen while locks inside the house are prone to becoming dirty, and some of its part may rust and break. In such instances, lubrication with graphite might save you the cost of buying another lock. Insert some graphite into the keyhole by covering the key with it then operating the lock to allow the graphite to interact with the internal parts of the lock. If this fails to solve the problem, resolve to disassemble the lock to see if there is something wrong with the internal parts of the lock.
Failure of key to unlock the lock
If the right key is employed but fails to unlock the lock, then several considerations have to be made. In case, the key turns but the lock does not unlock, then disassemble it and replace any parts that are broken or worn out.
Frozen locks can cause the key not to enter the lock. In such cases heat the key and try to insert the key into the lock. Repeat this several times until it the ice melts.
A new key can also fail to unlock the lock. This can be as a result of rough spots on the key. Spot these rough areas and file them down.
Entire lock turns
If the entire lock turns when the key is inserted, you should open the lock and remove the cover, then tighten the set screws of the cylinder to unlock it.
Key Stuck in Lock
Key broke while in the lock
Try to use pliers to get the key out. If this fails, get a coping saw blade while its teeth face outwards try to hook the key and pull it out. If this again bears no fruits then remove the cylinder and take it to a locksmith.
However, if all these steps fail to work, then it is advisable to call a locksmith in Palm Beach Florida to avoid further irreconcilable damage to a broken lock.

What is a Locksmith?

a locksmith on the job

A locksmith is a professional skilled tradesman who specializes in locks. Ever been locked out of your home, car, garage, or somewhere else? Well then, locksmiths are typically the ones who resolve the issue when no one else can for you.

A locksmith works with locks on the following:

  • Doors
  • Cars
  • Safes
  • Windows

They can do three things for you overall:

  • Install
  • Repair
  • Adjust

They also service the following locks:

  • Automobiles
  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties
  • Industrial establishments
  • Security devices

Locksmiths can produce and duplicates keys, change combination locks, and circumvent locks with consent. One of the most common perceptions of locksmiths is that they only pick locks when they don’t. Want to find out more locksmiths in the Palm Beach area?

Other services rendered by a professional locksmith include the following:

  • Cutting keys: if you need keys for your garage, basement, front door, side door, padlock, etc, a locksmith is able to cut keys of any variety.
  • Window & Door Locks: A locksmith is able to repair, fit and supply both window and door locks.
  • Security safe: they’re able to open security safes, install them and move vaults as well.
  • Auto locksmith: They’re able to give you a new key to your vehicle, fix key fobs, program transponders & remote control keys.

There are locksmiths who work for security agencies or do security consulting. Now while it may seem like locksmiths are old school, because of technology, their jobs have shifted quite a bit. Now instead of just working with fabricated locks and keys, they’re are working with biometric locks and key card entry systems.

In order to get around, some locksmiths utilize a van to transport their tools of the trade. They tend to have many to do the job. Their tools allow them to pick locks, program electronic locks, get into locked vehicles/structures, as well as fabricate keys, assess security systems and electronic locks.

For some locksmith companies, they’re on call 24 hours for emergencies. At night time people have issues gaining access to certain things and areas. In order to fix that issue, they call on a locksmith to come through and resolve that problem.

A list of a few tools locksmiths use

1. Phillip scredrivers from small-to-large in a set
2. Plain screwdrivers small-to-large in a set
3. Robertson screwdrivers from small-to-large in a set
4. Torx drivers in a set
5. Strong hex keys.
6. Regular & needle nose vise grips
7. Pliers (regular, needle nose, bent needle,)
8. Crescent wrench 6-8″
9. 6-8 oz hammers (light & heavy duty)
10. Files in a set w/ a siwiss or grobert #2 or #4 for impressioning
11. Pencils/Markers
12. Duct & electrical tape
13. Flashlight

and more.

All in all, locksmiths definitely come handy for tasks regarding your locks. If you enjoyed this article I thank you very much for reading it. If you need locksmith services in Palm Beach, Florida contact us at Palm Beach Lock Smith. We can help you.